Spanking Machine Caprice 2

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Little Caprice


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Little Caprice

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25 Replies to “Spanking Machine Caprice 2”

  1. GeneralSarcasam says:

    Momma said at the 0:40 mark that she had just put the baby down, so no supervision necessary.  I'm sure he slept through the whole thing.   :-)

  2. djondjoe says:

    Taylor Swift looks so hawt here.

  3. bm98 says:

    White people are fucking crazy, had to stop at the 3 minute mark. This is so uncomfortable to watch.

  4. BlueMidnight says:

    I would have thrown her on the bed and dived face first between her legs and not come up for a couple hours.

  5. phatphil says:

    I wanna be the guy.

  6. Harrington says:

    My stepsister told all her friends about my small size . My GF had already told her friends and was doing a much larger guy without me knowing .

  7. lyndsythomas says:

    This is Alessa Savage

  8. Nyam says:

    Gia took it like a champ. Top video!

  9. lizziedj says:

    This video made me so wet I had to change my panties! Do you like young Latina’s with a nice body? Give ours a follow! Who knows you may be apart of it?

  10. sonshine1 says:

    Reported for nudity

  11. peterchenfw says:

    hot damn you are hot, hard as a rock right now.

  12. mist1Raven says:

    fuck !!!

  13. osareniye says:

    GG isi supp

  14. NIWO says:

    still waiting for season 8 ..

  15. ron-bowers says:

    I LOVE getting fucked like this. I sound pretty much like her when I'm getting rammed really good too.

  16. dtyfyu says:

    I want a Harambe blowjob

  17. soccersewing430 says:

    Looking for a good hookup site, anyone know of one?

  18. Allan_Ross_Work says:

    Outstanding !!! Lovely Gal getting what she wants and having a good time doing it !!! I love her nice football-shaped jugs... They look so kissable... but then everything about her is so lovable... Nicely done !!! Thanks for the posting ! Bless You.

  19. silvergirl51 says:

    So sexy!

  20. taber92 says:

    I love my sister's pussy its so sweet just like her 18 year old daughter

  21. shah3213 says:

    can't take my eyes off that black guy, i wish i was under him, enjoying that cock

  22. Elaine says:

    Thumbs up if after you saw the way he was cooking them eggs you paused the video to look at the comment section

  23. Elaine says:


  24. Crypticgrrl says:

    imagine all the cream between the lips of her vagina i would kiss and smell it

  25. ryo_185 says:

    Amazing I love it

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